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July 21, 2015
God has given us the scriptures to make us wise unto salvation.  How we can be saved, why we need it and how to maintain the experience as well as pass it on. So, whatever topic we study it is always with that framework in mind.  It is not for intellect. Peter reminds us that over a period of time we will become partakers of a divine nature and be more like Christ.

A WORLD IN TURMOIL: Confidence for the Future (SFC03)

The author states that we have all the crises of the world upon us and it brings uncertainty or despondence. We need to understand what is happening because our world view shapes or frames how you live; now and in the future.

MATT 23:38, MATT 24:2
Signs of the times reveal all that was predicted.

MATT 23:3
Jesus answers 2 things: 1. When will these things happen and 2. when will the destruction of the world come.

MATT 24:36
No man nor angel will know the end date… only God. That forces the issue that we live in an ever ready state. Any one that says they know is a liar.

LUKE 21:36
We can be ready through spiritual devotion, a prayerful life, knowledge of the word, all in order to be worthy. Being worthy means being like Christ based on the direction and intent of your heart. This includes us asking God to show us ourselves and be watchful of these areas.bWe are constantly living with the imminence of the second coming because after we die the next event for us will be the second coming.  Your time ends at death or Jesus’ return. 

MATT 24:32-33
There are signs of the times that let us know that it is near and is at the door. In other wordsThe Time of the End: (Transitional) - We may have always had all of these signs in the world but if we look at FREQUENCY, SCOPE and IMPACT. There are signs in the religious world (MATT 24:5,6,7,11,24)(REV 11:18)(1THES 5:3), and in the natural world (MATT 24:7)(JAMES 5:1-7)(2TIM 3:1-4). The apostle Paul lists all the signs but the clearest indication that he gave that the last days were imminent is based on the form of Godliness that exists amongst Christians; realized in their worldliness or the cares of this life.

These signs are good news because it indicates to the believer that Jesus is coming and all will be made new. Some people will respond to the call but the facts that these signs exist should not discourage us from moving forward with Jesus’s mission.  REV 7:9 John revealed the numbers of all that would be going at the end of time.  We must live the life, and continue to be a witness and the more we get closer to the coming we should be seeking to get closer and closer to God, to do his work and allow God to do the increase. OUR RESPONSIBILITY IS TO PREACH THE GOSPEL FOR A WITNESS BEFORE THE END COMES. It does not matter the response but it is our responsibility.

LUKE 21:28 - Be encouraged. 


We want to thank you for reminding us again of the reality of your life, your death and resurrection and your coming again.  It is soon for each one of us. Help us to live each day as our last in our thoughts and words and actions.  Help us not only to be focused on outward acts that men can see but also the deep unseen parts.  We want to be a living witnesses and so Lord, work a transformation in our hearts. Help us not to become despondent or discouraged or overwhelmed but to see the signs of the times as a reminder that you have not left this world on its own, but that you are coming again and if it is our desire that those we are connected to and witness to will also be ready when you come. Bless us and guide us Lord as we go home and grant us the privilege of being able to worship you on the Holy Sabbath when comes. 
We pray in Jesus name.